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Berangere Fromont is a visual artist based in Paris. 

She first studied film and literature at the Sorbonne before deepening her photographic practice with photographers such as Claudine Doury and Antoine d’Agata. 


Her intimate, collective and literary references, as well as her documentary and staged images, are articulated around a central and recurrent idea in her work: resistance.


She puts forward a poetic research on fragility – the elusive dance of fireflies in the midst of darkness – against a scary and chaotic vision of the modern world. Innocence as a fleeting sign of humanity. She focuses on what is indefinite or incomplete, fragile, and intermediate; both disappearance and appearance; between ruins and evolution.


Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including festivals such as Noorderlicht (The Netherlands), Circulation(s), Manifesto, the 'Boutographies', the 'Prix de la Maison Blanche', the Busan International Photography Festival, Photonai, Photo Saint-Germain, the PhotoBookFest and at the Contemporary Art Centre of Nîmes, and has been featured in various web and paper publications (ASX, i-D Magazine, Der Greif, die Nacht, Co-curate, BKN, The Smell of Dust III, Hunger II). 


Her published work includes ‘Cosmos’ (André Frère, 2017), ‘I don’t want to disappear completely’ (September books, 2018) and ‘Except the Clouds’ (VOID 2018).



American Suburb, Aye Magazine, Punto de FugaCurrent Athens, i-D Magazine, Fisheye Magazine.





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