HEN - AN EXhibition about the uk's older transgender community





1st April to 7th April 2019 at Herrick Gallery


Curated by Sandrine Servent, Mina Raven and co-curated by William Esdale, BKN Online.


Hen is an exhibition about the UK's older transgender community.

The campaign titled 'Hen' is an initiative photographer Bex Day has been working for the past three years, that aims to promote a better understanding of integration in and outside the transgender community.


The project includes an exhibition of 30 photographic portraits of transgender subjects over the age of 40, a film and an educational program of workshops and panel discussion hosted by London based charities Stonewall Housing and Press for Change.



Curatorial STATEMENT

Hen is an anthropological study on gender fluidity and an exploration into the lasting impact societal restrictions concerning sexual identity and gender roles have upon us. It examines how gender stereotypes have affected the older transgender community and questions how we define gender and if as a society we should, as well as exploring the inherent social and cultural problems within these alienating classifications.

Hen translates in Swedish as the gender-neutral personal pronoun, the equivalent to ‘they’ in English. Transgender is an umbrella term and includes those who identify as transgender and as non-binary.


educational program


A series of educational workshops and a panel discussion are hosted by charity members and activists during the week.


For full program, please follow the link here.


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Herrick Gallery

93 Piccadilly, Mayfair,

London W1J 7NQ





opening times


Exhibition open every day from 

11 am - 6:30 pm


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