César Cuspoca is a Colombian artist, based in France since 2012. 

His artistic practice principally nourishes questions of perception, the duality between appearance and disappearance, and materialism and immaterialism. It is, however, more concretely the idea of experience which takes a central role in his approach and which allows him to structure his creative process. 

The starting point for these experiences is often linked to the desire to explore unchartered territories, sometimes hostile environments, for example walking for hours over an icy fjord at -30°, getting lost inside the crater of a volcano, spending many weeks in an Amazonian forest among an American-Indian community, or visiting to the beach of an undiscovered village. 

Throughout these experiences, whether alone or accompanied by a production and research team, he produces still images, videos, and sound recordings. He combines these gathered materials with elements of the local environment to build installations in situ which speak in the vernacular and have a resonance with the place where the work is both created and exhibited.

In 2018, supported and financed by among others, the Sorbonne University, the Mairie de Paris and the Embassy of Colombia in France, César undertook the production of Korebaju (Children of the Earth), an art project in the heart of an indigenous community in the Amazonian region of Colombia. 

The project came out of a collaboration with Jenifer Vega, a linguist, and a specialist of the Korebaju, and aims to give the community visibility in order to aid the struggle against the steady process of cultural integration which is threatening them.

Accompanied by an audio-visual team, they spent one month among the community who allowed them to record sound, video and photographic materials. César Cuspoca used these materials subsequently and combined them with elements from the local surroundings to create artworks and installations in situ. 

The project, which continues to develop, has been exhibited in France and Colombia. 


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