Artist César Cuspoca talking about the Korebaju Project, a long term collaborative project with the Korebaju, an indigenous community of Colombia.

César Cuspoca is a Colombian artist (b.1987) based in Paris.


His work challenges human perceptions and beliefs established by convention or tradition within society. The idea of experience takes a central role in Cuspoca’s approach and allows him to structure his creative process. Through experiences, Cuspoca produces still images, videos, and sound recordings. He combines these gathered materials with elements of the local environment to build installations in situ.In 2018, accompanied by a production team and a phonetician, Jenifer Vega, Cuspoca spent a month among the Korebaju (Children of the Earth), an Indigenous community located in the Caqueta region of Colombia. The Korebaju population is estimated at two thousand individuals. Like other groups in the region, they were affected by the exploitation of rubber, minerals and wood which consequently lead to human-forced displacements and environmental damages. It’s a community in danger of disappearance according to UNESCO. While Cuspoca spent time with the Korebaju, he was struck by their capacity to adapt and survive despite the continuous violence around them. The Korebaju allowed the artist to record sound, video and photographic materials. Cuspoca used these materials subsequently and combined them with items of the local environment from the exhibition space.


The final installations provoke a sensitive reflection on the Korebaju reality and explore the interconnected stories between Indigenous people and Western civilisations.


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