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Hen - The Uk's older Trans community by photographer Bex Day

Hen is an anthropological study on the fluidity of gender, and an exploration into the lasting impact societal restrictions concerning sexual identity and gender roles have upon us. With a focus on male to female transitions, Bex looks at how gender stereotypes have affected the trans community and asks if the modern day feminist movement has had a resonating impact on how we define gender - and if as a society we should.

Featuring a range of subjects over the age of forty, Hen tells the personal stories of those within the community, and the common themes of loss and discovery that unite them throughout their journey.

An all-encompassing, empowering study of individuals within a social group on the fringes of society, the series explores both the light-hearted and the disquieting moments they experience.

Universal, relatable moments of isolation, self-acceptance and the resilience of the human spirit are told through personal stories and intimate photographs. Given a platform, the subjects find a voice, a sense of pride, and for some, the motivation to come out to family and friends.

When viewed in the context of the individual the notion of gender becomes difficult to define, and it is through this ambiguity Hen essentially questions how we as a society define gender, sexuality, and the inherent problems in these alienating classifications.

Powerful, enlightening, and at times bittersweet, Hen serves as a monograph for the older generation of the UK’s trans community.

© Bex Day

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